Urban PEAK

Urban PEAK

未标题-1.png PEAK Urban 项目("Building skilled capacity for the future city in developing countries")是英国研究与创新项目(UKRI)资助的应对全球挑战的重大项目,由英国牛津大学、中国北京大学、南非开普敦大学、哥伦比亚EAFIT大学和印度人居研究所(IIHS)共同组织和参与。项目2017年9月正式立项,研究期为5年。牛津大学Michael Keith教授为项目负责人,城市与环境学院冯长春教授为北大课题组负责人,曹广忠教授为项目理事会成员,赵鹏军研究员、刘涛研究员及北大人口研究所王振杰助理教授是子课题负责人。


未标题-1.png  Peak Urban项目2017年4月1日 持续四年整


未标题-1.png PEAK 含义

    Prediction and projection in the city

    Emergence, combination, material cities and complex systems   

    Adopting  innovation and metropolitan commensuration

    Knowledge exchange and urban (co)production


未标题-1.png 北大负责UVWXY

    U: Socio-spatial pattern urbanization and the mega-city region

    V: Data modelling in cortemparory urban China

    W: Transport and urban development

    X: Public health

    Y: Migration


未标题-1.png Match funding Partners in China at Peking University (BeDa) Future of Cities team have secured internal university match funding of £125,000 for the China element of the collaborative research process (see official letter of support and guarantee of funding). Consequently some of the China budget is constituted slightly differently from other partners in the project.


Postdoctoral salaries and support. Postdoctoral employment costs are marginally lower in China than in other partner countries. Consequently, we have agreed that 5 postdoctoral fellowships will be supported

from the money hypothecated for postdoctoral salaries over 3 years. In order to be integrated into the full cohort of interdisciplinary scholars China postdocs will receive funded research costs and internship costs at levels sufficient to maintain their engagement in the postdoctoral internship programme, the summer schools and receive appropriate English language training and other support for the duration of their fellowships from Peking University.


Academic salaries have been calculated on the basis of research time for the BeDa (Peking University) Future of Cities team consisting of Professors Cao, Changchun, Feng, Guangzhong, Jiawen, Liu, Pengjun, Song, Tao, Wang, Yang, Yu, Zhao, Zhenjie, part of which will be match funded by the University itself. Professor Cao will provide a strategic lead and oversight of the Beijing projects to feed into the management group.